Graph Muni

Munin Graphs on Android

Give it a Munin instance URL, find all graphs from the instance, bookmark graphs, share links to graphs and more.

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It just Works!

Tested against Munin Versions 1.4.5, 1.4.6 and 2.0.9. CGI and non-CGI versions both work.


Graph List is locally cached.

HTTP Basic Auth

Pass instance URL of the format:

Multiple instances

As many as you like.

Tablet Support

Adequate support ATM. More updates planned.

View Graphs

Zoom in and out, Share and Bookmark graphs.


Filter Graph List and Bookmarks for quick selection.


Delete Bookmarks, delete instances with linked Bookmarks.

Like You

Created by somenone who looks at Munin Graphs every day. I understand your needs and will try improving on this.


Version 1.4 released

6 May, 2013

Version 1.3 released

21 April, 2013